About Me

My name is Kristiyan Krastev and I am a Games Design Student at the University of East London. As an Ambassador my goal is to encourage young people to seek higher education.

I decided to seek higher education within the gaming industry as I believe this will be the future and I would love to be part of that. Also, I didn’t want to just play games all day, I wanted to learn more about how games are made.

As a student, I worked on a variety of different games for the past three years, ranging from board games, to digital games done using RPG Boss, Adventure Game Studio and Unity. Also, I have worked on creating my own environments/characters using engines such as 3DS Max.

I want to seek a role as a Junior Game Designer in a RPG type game.

FTA:COM | #MeToo | Celestial Mesh | The Helpline | Wave Spawner

Email Address: krastevk96@gmail.com | LinkedIn: KrastevK 
Itch.Io: KrastevK | Twitter: KrastevK 

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