Into the Void

Play the Game: Into the Void


“This should be a significant piece of digital writing, created using Twine.

You should aim for the reader to be able to experience the majority of your project over a 5-8 minute period.

This might involve them restarting and choosing different branches, or it might involve them spending more time reading your text before making decisions. “

About the game:
First prototype, unfinished
Engine used: Twine

Team Size: 1
Time to complete: 2 months

You start as a normal teenage boy that is a NEET (someone that stays at home and watches anime or plays a lot of games, specifically WoW, Overwatch and SCII). As you start the game, not long after the PC dies and gets reborn in a world of magic. The PC ends up being the most powerful wizard in the whole world. At first, no one knows that he is so powerful, not even him, but as they go into the capital city and end up facing the most powerful person; the Demon Lord, and he manages to defeat him with such an ease, it becomes obvious. However, after defeating the Demon Lord, rather than everyone thanking him, they hate him as he ends up destroying the whole village in the battle.

My contribution towards the game:

I worked on the whole game myself. The story, the different options and so on. There isn’t much coding within the game, as I wanted to focus more on the story rather than fancy effects that will distract the reader.


The game as it is, isn’t finished yet. It was meant to be part of a coursework (now replaced by Criminal Minds), however it ended up being extremely long and did not fit the brief, therefore I had to create a different game for that coursework. I am planning on coming back to this game and finishing it, as I am really interested in the engine and am also very invested in the story. I enjoy writing stories or games that are just a story, therefore working with Twine was extremely exciting. Even if I haven’t completed this yet, or going to use it as part of my coursework, I ended up learning a lot about myself, my writing skills, and the engine itself, which is why my second story ended up being quite interesting and was finalised much quicker than this one.

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