Celestial Mesh

Watch Gameplay

Play the Game Prototype: Celestial Mesh “Android Build Only”


“Create an AR game for the mass market with a strong focus on replayability”

About the game:
First prototype, unfinished
Engine used: Unity + Vuforia

Language: C#
Team Size: 4
Time to complete: 3 months

“You are aboard the starship Atlas, on routine patrols of the Ion quadrant. You detect an anomaly in one of the sectors that you are in charge of. You are commanded to get closer to inspect. Probes tell you there are enemy ships, weapons charged and non responsive. Enemy ships start attacking once they emerge. You must defend yourself and your part of the galaxy.” – Game Story

This is an AR Space Shooter gamer, that has multiplayer options. You can play single player, where you can try and outdo your previous scores and fight off endless waves of enemies. You can also play multiplayer with your friends, where the person with the highest score wins. The multiplayer aspect offers a unique feature, that allows players to play the game often, and each time it feels different and fun.

My contribution towards the game:

This was a collaboration game between the story design and game development students. As a story design student, my responsibility was the story behind the game, the effects, the music, initial game concept as well as UI. Overall, I helped with everything, but my main focus was the design behind the game and the effects/music. I created the logo for the game, as seen above, I also helped shoot the videos. My other role was Research, which had me researching a potential target market, demographics, competition, creating a persona etc. ensuring that our USP was really unique and worth the time.


The game is has an interesting concept, especially being AR. Creating an AR game was extremely interesting and different from anything before, as the way the game is supposed to play, is quite different from what a PC or phone game works. We used our phones to try the game, we had and playing cards as a replacement for an AR mat. The game fits the brief, and I am really proud of it, it is very interesting and pleasing, however it is not a finished game. There is no multiplayer currently, which is something we have to work on. The brief required us to create a video, which we did and we had to compromise some features that would take too much time to implement and do not have to be shown in the video.

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