Kyubey’s Trial

Kyubey’s Trial

Play the Game: Kyubey’s Trial


“As a team create a board game for 5 players.”

Team Size: 4
Time to complete: 1 month

About the game:

The game is about 4 survivors trying to escape the enchanted forest by activating runes that will protect them as they try to leave. The witch must stop them at all costs. The survivors have items they can use to briefly protect themselves from the witch, whilst the witch has abilities that she can use against the survivors. Learn more about the game on the second page.

My contribution towards the game:

I worked on the map of the game; the design of it was all my idea and creation. We discussed it as a group after I had made a prototype and the team liked it, so we stuck with it. I worked on versions 2, 3 and 4 (4 being the final). I also came up with the game concept during our initial brainstorm. Due to the fact I came up with the game idea, I had to work on the majority of the rules as well, after finishing them, the team made adjustments and we finalised the game board and the rules. We also had to do 3 different playtests, where other people would playtest our game and give us feedback. I was taking notes on how they felt during the playtest and what their feedback was.


This is the very first game I had to work on as a group. Therefore I am quite proud of how the game ended up being. Remembering where it was at the start, to where it is now, I am extremely happy with how the game turned out, however an example of an improvement could be adding player abilities, so that each player would have a different ability that will help them win the game, e.g. 1+ on movement speed. After working on it as a group and having 3 playtests, the feedback was that the game is extremely fun to play.


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