Multiplayer Game

Multiplayer Game


“Create a physical game, that doesn’t require any special items and only has 1 A4 page of rules.”

Team Size: 4
Time to complete: 1 month

About the game:

The game requires 4 or more players to play. The player in the middle is blindfolded and a small item is placed in front of them. The other players form a circle around the middle player, their goal is to get the small item and go back to their position without the middle person noticing. Learn more about the game on the second page.

My contribution towards the game:

I worked on the game rules quite a bit, help decide on solid rules, that would make sense and work with the initial idea. I had to make sure that the rules do not go over 1 page, as the brief was to stick to 1 page of game rules. I also was responsible for note taking during one of the playtests.


This was the final game that we had to create as a group, and a lot more can be improved. However, due to the brief we were very limited in terms of what we could design. We didn’t want to make a new board game, as having only 1 page of game rules, is extremely hard and challenging and we were time constraint. We decided to work on a physical game. Currently there is no way for the person in the middle to win, apart from successfully guessing when a person has attempted to steal their item, so this is something that can be improved.


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