Full Throttle Assault: COM

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“Create any type of game of your choosing, based on your teams strengths. ”

About the game:
Final project
Engine used: Unity

Language: C#
Team Size: 3
Time to complete: 5 months

“In the far future, things have changed drastically on Earth. People are suffering due to all the mistakes humanity has made in the past. Everyone is looking for a way to find a solution to the countless problems humanity is facing. At this point of time, Earth has been drowned and everything is covered in water. A small lab in the middle of the ocean, “Humanity”, has managed to crack the code to time travelling. You are given the special mission to travel back in time to the year 2150 and fix the very first chain of huge mistakes humanity has made. However, as you travel back in time, things don’t go as planned and you end up destroying the space time continuum. This is where your journey really starts. As you try to fix the continuum, you end up in random places, chasing space portals, in an attempt to either go back to the present or to go back to 2150. “ – Game Story

Full Throttle Assault: Carnage Over Mayhem is an intense action orientated 2D racing game. The game has a variety of objectives such as; collecting as many points as you can, defeating and/or avoiding enemies, enduring until the timer runs out and so much more. In addition, the player will be traversing interesting and varied environments such as hills, the planet Mars and icy plains. Furthermore, boss battles will also take place every few levels, requiring the player to keep on their toes and focus on the patterns and timings of the nemies to overcome those formidable foes. It also features auto-generated level layouts, pickups, and traps.

My contribution towards the game:

This was a collaboration project between the story design and game development students. As the Producer and QA Lead my role was to primarily work on the documentations, team meeting organisation, Trello and Discord usage as well as setting up playtest sessions. I did not get to do much work on the actual game, due to the amount of documentation that needed completion. However, I helped create the; Game Pitch, 1 page proof of concept, playtest plans and results, meeting notes, release notes and Post Mortem documents.

The images above show the Production Plan I created for the team to use and stick to. Creating a production plan ensured the team knew what had to be done at each moment, and if something wasn’t done, then it meant we were behind, and we’d be able to find a time where we can complete this. To note, the team had agreed to work on one or two tasks each day, so that we don’t have to spend hours and hours certain days trying to complete multiple tasks. This worked for our team, and we were all happy with it.

Based on the multiple playtest done for the game, the team had to make adjustments to the game. One of the biggest issues players had at the very start of the game was the lack of tutorial or controls display, which is why a lot of players said they did not know how to play. The team introduced a small tutorial which consisted of the controls and what each object meant, so that participants knew what they had to shoot at and/or avoid. The other issue players had was the car mechanics, which the team has tried to change and improve on many occasions. Although the mechanics are much better now than in Alpha, they are still a big concern for the team.


The team wanted to go with something more classic, and we came up with the idea of a cheesy and whacky platformer-racer-shooter game. The team originally consisted of 5 people, however a couple of months after the production had started, 2 team members left, which was unexpected and the team had to readjust. Due to the readjustment, I had to focus on documentation with the other two members working on the game, in order for all of us to finish on time and deliver a good piece of coursework on both fronts, which we did. I did well organising the team and the tester sessions and team meetings. The team stayed on top of things and worked well together. The game is still not in a fully finished state, as there are still a few bugs left and some of the features the team wanted to add, could not be added due to time limitation. If we ever revisit this game, any missing features will be added, such as more objectives, levels and traps. We will also work on implementing the Social tab of the game, where players can challenge their friends.

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