3DS Max Designs


“Create 3 different designs using 3DS Max, with one based on a template.”

About the designs:
Engine used: 3DS Max

Team Size: 1
Time to complete: 1 month

Those designs were made using 3DS Max as part of my coursework. We had to create a series of complex objects – pencil, wine glass, weapon. Each design had to consist of as little polygons as possible, and to represent an actual object, up to scale. The knife had to be replicated based on the model provided to us by the lecturers.


At first, these were extremely difficult to make and I failed on so many occasions, however once I realised how I should create them, I managed to create the pencil, and then move onto the wine glass and then finally a knife. There was an optional challenge of an AK-47 design, however I did not attempt that, as I was out of time. This is something I can try and attempt to make now, that I understand how to use the engine a little bit more.

Creating simple, yet complicated at the time objects helped me better understand how to use the engine and how to create different objects with it. 3DS Max is going to be used a lot in my future games for things like prototypes or actual game assets, therefore having this knowledge from now will help me in the future.

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