Shooter Game

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“A single scene game with an example of gameplay based on one of the 4 game types covered in tutorials.”

About the game:
First prototype, unfinished
Engine used: Unity

Language: C#
Team Size: 1
Time to complete: 1 month

It’s an extremely simple game, where the goal is to navigate through the map and to either avoid the enemy NPCs or to destroy them and go to the end objective.

My contribution towards the game:

This was the very first Unity game I had worked on, so the majority of the code was not mine, neither were the sprites. The level design and the way the NPCs and the PC worked, was something I worked on myself.


It’s a very simplistic game, that fits the brief – a simple shooter game with an end objective. I wouldn’t go back to change it, as in the future games I had to make, were based on this very game, so in a way I have already improved this game massively. Also, for my very first try, I think it turned out good.

As the very first Unity game created, I think I did good considering my very limited software and coding knowledge. It showed me how to use the software and how to formulate small and easy codes and how to read them as well. It was a good stepping stone for me as a game developer.

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