Wave Spawner

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“Choose a game engine and make a significant piece of a game.”

About the game:
Final project
Engine used: Unity

Language: C#
Team Size: 1
Time to complete: 2 months

This game is the final improvement on the previous two games – Shooter Game and Platformer Game. It has all of the codes from the previous two games, and it has new codes and sprites. The goal of the game is to defeat the incoming waves of aliens, whilst trying to not get killed. You can use the 6 platforms provided to strategically position yourself to take the most amount of aliens.

My contribution towards the game:

I used YouTube tutorials for the codes within the game, the sprites were found online. As the codes were for an older version of Unity, I had to modify them to get them to work with the version and the game. I worked on the menus and the UI on my own. The music was also downloaded from various websites. I also worked on the animations within the game – the character animations, the main menu animation as well. Parts of the code that were broken were also fixed by me, where I could not fix a code, a lecturer would guide me until fixed.

As this game was used for my dissertatio, a whole new tutorial level had to be created to help the players better understand the game. I worked on the tutorial level, the design, the layout and used existing code from the game, if none was available or had to be modified, I used the internet or asked lecturers for guidance.


I am very proud of how the game turned out to be. It was an extreme challenge to create this game as part of my final coursework, however, the way it looked and worked was extremely pleasing. I had a problem where the codes weren’t working, and I left the game for 2 years untouched. In the past week, however, I have gone back to the game and tried to fix it as I want to use it for my dissertation project. The game is now fixed and works really well.

I would love to add different enemies, a score system, more challenge and just make the game more exciting. I would enjoy implementing a weapon system, shooting rate, damage increase etc. all done through the upgrade menu.

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