Province Rebellion

The Hippie Rebellion Map_New

Province Rebellion

Play the Game: Province Rebellion


“As a team create a board game, without the use of cards.”

Team Size: 4
Time to complete: 3 weeks

About the game:

The game is about a rebellion happening in a kingdom. (Disclaimer: Doesn’t have anything to do with Hippies). Each person starts on one of the 4 corners and tries to claim as many provinces as possible on their way to the kingdom, as well as having the biggest army in order to defeat the kingdom (in the middle). The players have options between playing 2v2/1v1/free-for-all, which includes either claiming every available province or claiming the kingdom. Learn more about the game on the second page.

My contribution towards the game:

The map of the game (the design) was my idea and creation. After making a prototype of the map, the group decided they liked the idea, so I finalised the map design. During the initial brainstorm, I came up with the game concept. As the one that came up with the game idea, I had to work on the majority of the rules as well, and after I had finished writing them, the team made adjustments and we finalised the game board and the rules. We also had to do 3 different playtests, where other groups/people would playtest our game and give us feedback. I took notes on how they felt during the playtest and what their feedback was and their overall feedback.


I believe that the game is in a good place currently, however if I was to go back I would definitely try and improve on it. It does not feel as finished as the first game (Kyubey’s Trial), however it currently is a finished product, that can be adjusted for example just having the number of soldiers required to claim a province on the board itself, will reduce the rules by half. The game started being extremely confusing to play at the start, to being less confusing if the players read the rules properly. However, that could be a proposed change – simplifying the rules/game.


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