Platformer Game

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“Create a game with increasing difficulty over 3 levels.”

About the game:
First prototype, unfinished
Engine used: Unity

Language: C#
Team Size: 1
Time to complete: 2 months

It’s a three level platformer game, with each level getting harder than the previous one. You need to collect stars and avoid being hit (dying) and reach the objective to advance to the next level or finish the game.

My contribution towards the game:

I worked on the level design and the codes (to a degree). The sprites and music were already provided. The three different levels are harder in difficulty as the player progresses through the levels.


This is the second game I had to work on Unity as part of my coursework. It’s a fun little platformer game, it fits the brief that was set for the game. I would love to go back and change some things, specifically the way the enemies are positioned. Also, I will need to add a score menu, to make the game more competitive. That way people can try and compete against one another, trying to beat each others scores.

As the second Unity game I’ve ever made, this helped me further understand how to use Unity and how coding really works. It gave me the needed experience to better improve myself, my level design and my coding knowledge. Small games are ideal for learning how to code or use a software, and I now feel better prepared for any future games.

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