Guessing Game


Guessing Game


“Create a new physical or board game or improve on a previous game.”

Team Size: 4
Time to complete: 1 month

About the game:

The game is quite simple guessing game, where one person must try to guess who is lying and who isn’t. There is an Overseer that acts as a judge. The other players must be the ones telling the truths/lies. Learn more about the game on the second page.

My contribution towards the game:

I came up with the game idea, during our brainstorming time. The idea was a little bit different from what the game currently is, however the initial/core elements are still there. As the game was changed to an extent, I did not work on the rules as much. I set the original rules, and from there, as a group we changed the rules. I was taking notes during the first playtest with the original rules.


This was our very first physical game, and it was a challenge to create it without the use of items that the players won’t have on them or in their house.  There are a lot of things that I personally would like to change (such as removing the Overseer), and I still believe that the original idea was better than this one (had simpler rules), however as this was a group project, I had to agree with the rest of the team, even if I personally disagreed.


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