Province Rebellion

Province Rebellion

Game Rules – 2 or 4 players 


  1. Place a single black square must be placed on any of the outer top edges of the map. This indicates the turn number. After everyone finishes their turn, the square is moved onto the next square, clockwise.
  2. The Kingdom has its own squares, which you must position inside all provinces, the walls and the kingdom. (see “Province Starting Soldiers”)
  3. The Kingdom has 400 soldiers protecting it. The inner walls each has 150 units guarding it (600 overall). The outer walls dividing each province have 50 soldiers each (200 overall).
  4. Each player picks pawns representing that players colour, e.g. red capital, picks red. Kingdom uses black pawns.


Capital RED
Capital YELLOW
Capital BLUE
Capital GREEN
  • Roll a dice to determine who goes first, move clockwise. Whoever goes first, picks a capital, next players pick the one clockwise to that one.

Basic & Turn Order

  • You start by claiming a province adjacent to your capital.
  • You begin with 100 soldiers
  • Each square colour indicates different number of soldiers;

Red square = 5 soldiers

Blue square = 10 soldiers

Green square = 20 soldiers

Yellow square = 50 soldiers

  • Once you claim a province, you must place one of your coloured pawns inside, indicating the province belongs to you alongside with your soldiers.
  • You get 2 moves per turn; claiming a province, adding soldiers, moving soldiers etc. all count as a single move.
  • Claiming a province requires you fighting your way into it, meaning you need a higher number of soldiers attacking it than it has defending it.
  • You place the number of soldiers you want inside a province, by using the squares, for example 25 soldiers = 1 green square and 1 red square
  • After you’ve claimed a province, you must wait 1 turn before you can move soldiers from that province to another province.
  • You can only claim provinces that are adjacent to an already claimed province by you.
  • When moving soldiers between provinces, you can only move them to the adjacent province, which uses a single move.
  • You must have soldiers protecting a province at all times.
  • You can attack other player’s provinces.
  • You do not have to use all of your turns if you do not want to.


  • After each turn, every province gets a bonus soldiers; between 1-25 soldiers in a province you receive +5, between 26-50 you receive + 10, between 51-75 you receive + 15, between 76-100 you receive + 20 and above 101 you receive +25.
  • There is a limit to how many units you can have inside a province. Once you have reached that cap, you cannot receive any more units, unless you move them to a different province.


  • The Kingdom isn’t a player.


  • Kingdom attacks at every black marked location on the turn counter. When the turn ends and the marker is moved onto the black marked square from a grey marked square one, the kingdom attacks before the players make any moves.
  • The Kingdom only attacks the provinces that are closest to the centre (where the Kingdom is located); the light brown provinces.
  • The Kingdom attacks all 4 provinces at the same time. The first attack (on turn 5) is with 5 soldier per province, increasing by 5 after each attack, example on turn 27, you get attacked by 30 soldiers.
  • If a province isn’t clamed yet, and is attacked by the Kingdom, the province gets reinforced instead.
  • In order to get the Kingdom, you must first breach at least one of the inner walls and then attack the Kingdom itself.
  • The players cannot place any soldiers on the inner walls, but can position soldiers on the outer walls (max 50).
  • The Kingdom does not regenerate soldiers, so once soldiers within the Inner Walls or the Kingdom are killed, they will not come back.
  • Once an inner wall is breached, the Kingdom will no longer be sending soldiers on that side of the map.
  • You cannot move units through a province that is already capped.

Winning Conditions

  • You lose the game once all of your provinces are taken out
  • The goal of the game is to get to the Kingdom before the other players have managed or before each player is taken out of the game.
  • If you manage to claim all enemy provinces, you automatically win the game, without having to defeat the Kingdom.

Province Starting Soldiers

12 Area (1)
13 Area (2)
14 Area (3)
10 Area (4)
11 Area (5)
20 Area (6)
18 Area (7)
23 Area (8)
18 Area (9)
23 Area (10)
27 Area (11)

 x 20 soldiers defending, cap is 80 soldiers
 x 25 soldiers defending, cap is 100 soldiers
x 30 soldier defending, cap is 120 soldiers
 x 10 soldiers defending, cap is 40 soldiers
 x 15 soldier defending, cap is 60 soldiers
 x 60 soldiers defending, cap is 240 soldiers
 x 50 soldiers defending, cap is 20 soldiers
 x 75 soldiers defending, cap is 300 soldiers
x 50 soldiers defending, cap is 200 soldiers
 x 75 soldiers defending, cap is 300 soldiers
 x 95 soldiers defending, cap is 380 soldiers

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