Kyubey’s Trial

Kyubey_s Trial 2.0

Game Story

A group of university students set out on a camping trip into the forest. They wanted a new and exciting experience, a kind of adventure to get to know each other better. They did get an adventure, but they also got much more…
You see, this forest belonged to an evil witch named Kyubey the Evil Witch, the most evil and powerful witch in all the land. Kyubey the Evil Witch was not happy with this new prey messing around in her territory so she set out to capture all these imposters and transform them into mindless ghouls to help assist her with her evil deeds.
These friends became survivors. In order to escape they must activate the witches runes which will open a portal allowing them to leave the forest. without that portal they would become trapped in the forest forever… but what originally started out as a bid to escape together became a rivalry between themselves. Every man for himself.
How they manage to escape is something only time can tell… let the game begin.

Game Rules


  • 5 players – 4 survivors, 1 witch. Survivors choose between – red, yellow, green and blue pawns, witch is black pawn.
  • One 6-sided dice, used by survivors (to move) and the witch (to use for abilities).
  • 1 person plays as the witch and 4 people play as the survivors. Decided by throwing a dice, highest number is the witch. Whoever is clockwise of the witch goes first. Witch always goes last.
  • Before the start of the game, the witch places all of the 8 items on any the marked symbols. One per symbol. 
  • Survivors start in the centre of the map (the campfire), the witch starts at the lair.
  • The camp and lair count as one area (cannot move inside).
  • Survivors cannot return to the centre once the game has started until all runes have been activated.
  • Witch throws dice before she moves.
  • A survivor is captured by the witch when the witch moves in to the survivor’s square on the board.
  • If a survivor is captured they are teleported with the witch to the witch’s lair. Witch cannot move for the current turn. Survivors are then turned into ghouls that can move up to 6 squares, without having to roll a dice. Do not have any abilities.
  • The captured survivors must wait one turn after being captured, before they can leave the lair.
  • If a ghoul captures you (stands on the same square as you), survivor must roll a 2, 4 or a 6 in order to escape. If you roll a 1, 3 or 5 you cannot escape and you miss your next turn. Survivor cannot continue until they are free. Repeat until you escape or are captured.
  • If a player is captured by the witch, all of their items are placed on the map again by the witch.
  • Survivors can enter a safe zone, and stay in there for 2 turns, without having to move out, after the 2 turns, they must leave for 1 turn and can re-enter again. Witch cannot enter safe zones. Only 1 survivor per safe zone. There are 3 safe zones, light purple.


  • No diagonal movement.
  • Witch can move up to 6 squares per turn, doesn’t roll a dice for movement. Throws dice for abilities. Witch must always move, but doesn’t have to move all 6 squares.
  • Survivors use dice for movement. Don’t have to use all movements if near a rune or safe zone.
  • The survivors and the witch can use the teleports (light blue) at the 4 centre edges of the map (being teleported at the opposite side of the entry).
  • Once a survivor has moved on their turn, they cannot retract that movement.
  • When 1 or more runes are being activated, the witch gets a buff of double her movement (from 6 to 12 squares) as long as the survivor(s) are activating the rune. If a survivor leaves the rune or activates it, the witch gets back to normal movement.


  • Runes are located in the four green areas of the map.
  • Survivor(s) must stand on the rune location for 2 turns in order to activate it, and then when they move off they must place a green block on the rune location. This is permanent and cannot be undone. If interrupted, by the witch capturing the survivor or the survivor leaving the area of the rune halfway, the activation will reset.

Winning Conditions

  • There can only be one winner, either the witch (by successfully turning everyone into a ghoul) or the first survivor the return back to the camp after all 4 runes have been activated.
  • Ghouls cannot win, as they are just minions of the witch.

Survivor Concepts

  • All of the items can be picked up and used by the survivors.
  • If a survivor rolls a 6, they can steal one item from any player. Item can be used immediately in the same turn.
  • If an item is used by a survivor it is then discarded.
  • If a survivor is captured with items, their items are returned to the board by the witch.
  • Items can be used at any time in a survivor’s turn from anywhere on the map.
  • Items are stacked and cannot be shared.
  • Medkit (red block): restores survivor’s movement debuff. Can be picked up by any of the survivors. Only 3 available on the map.
  • Skull totem (black block): the skull totem allows the players to turn a ghoul back to being a survivor. Only 2 available on the map. One per ghoul must be used.
  • Sword of the fallen (white block): if a survivor uses the sword, the witch becomes stunned and cannot roll their ability dice for two turns, all placed traps, movement debuffs and creeping shadow removed from the map. Only 1 available on the map.
  • Mark of Protection (pink block): Sends the witch back to her lair.

Witch Concepts – Dice Roll Abilities

  • 1| Phase: witch can pass through the equivalent of one square on the black part of the board to the opposite side. This acts as the witch walking through the wall. During these moves the witch’s movement is decreased by 1 (allowing her only to move 5 squares instead of her original six).
  • 2| Illusion: witch can swap 2 items on the map.
  • 3| Trap token (yellow circle): survivor misses a turn when stepping on a trap. Trap can be placed anywhere on the map. A trap token is placed onto the map. Up to 2 traps can be placed at once.
  • 4| Creeping shadow (red circle): second witch moves on board for two turns but has no effect on survivors (cannot capture survivors) except blocking survivors/witch from moving past. Shadow can move as well, only 3 spaces per turn. The witch can remove the shadow from game, before the two turns end if need be. Cannot be placed again, unless 4 is rolled. A second ‘witch’ block is placed on the map.
  • 5| Wounded player (given a single heart): -1 to survivor dice. Can stack up to 2 on every survivor. Injured player, receives a wounded token.
  • 6| Move a player back to the centre.

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