Guessing Game

This game is a game of guessing. The objective is to successfully guess a person, place or object thought of by the overseer. You will be given clues from other players but one has been selected to lie. The first person with five successful guesses is the winner.

Game Conditions:

Each correct guess scores one point.
First person to five points is the winner.

Overseer Rules:

  • One player must volunteer to be the Overseer at the start of the game. Once chosen, the player stays in this role until the end of the round and does not participate within the circle.
  • The Overseer selects a guess topic.
  • The Overseer acts as referee and gives penalties for rule breaking
  • Failing to lie as the liar is the loss of a point.
  • Giving away the guess is the loss of two points
  • Purposefully lying while being a truthful clue giver is a two-point loss.
  • The Overseer acts as score keeper.
  • The Overseer selects which player will be the liar(s) during each guess.
  • If the guesser fails to guess what they are, the Overseer scores 2 points and each liar scores 1 point.
  • If the guesser correctly guesses they score 2 points and the current Overseer is replaced with the guesser.

Guesser Rules:

  • The guesser will be given a clue or lie by each player except for the overseer.
  • The guesser will only have one chance to answer successfully, but will be able to ask 3 more people for another clue if they need after everyone has given a clue.
  • The guesser will remain the guesser after each failed guess. If they successfully answer correctly, the current guesser becomes the new Overseer and chooses a new guesser.


  • The liar’s job will be to attempt to fool the guesser into incorrectly guessing.

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