Multiplayer Game


  • Number of players: 4+
  • Set of keys, or similar object


  • All players stand around one person in the centre of the circle.
  • The player in the middle sits on the floor wearing a blindfold or something covering their eyes, and with the target object in front of them.

Note: The blindfolded player must be seated with their eyes covered before the other players take their positions. This is to ensure that the blindfolded player does not memorise where the other players are standing.


  • Players in the circle must take it in turns to pick up the keys in front of the blindfolded player without being detected through noise.
  • If a player successfully steals the keys and returns to their original position without being detected, they win and the game ends.
  • If the blindfolded player detects someone, they must point to where they think the person is and shout “Stop!”.
  • If the blindfolded person successfully detects someone, the person detected must sit out until someone successfully steals the keys.
  • If all players have been caught out by the blindfolded person before the keys are stolen, the game ends and the blindfolded person wins.
  • If all players wish to play another round after the game has ended, the last person to have stolen the keys becomes the blindfolded person.

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